The latest innovation from b&m: the b&m-KL PLUG®

Closing and sealing holes with internal pressure is often difficult to achieve in combination with user friendly assembly and disassembly due to the engineering guidelines and the different materials and temperature ranges.

b&m has developed a sealing element for this problem to offer a universal solution for low pressure applications.

The b&m-KL PLUG® is a single-piece, universally applicable closure and sealing element for bores subjected to internal pressure. Due to the different materials and diameter ranges, it can be adapted to different customer applications and can seal up to 30 bar operating pressure. The element offers simple and efficient assembly and disassembly without generating waste and offers many other advantages over conventional closure and sealing systems for boreholes.

More information can be found in the b&m-KL PLUG® Brochure or by contacting phone number +(49) 6154-69 60 0.