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Battery and power electronics

Energy supply in the New Mobility sector

Batteries and power electronics are amongst the most important components for the power train of electric and hybrid vehicles. While driving, the power electronics ensure that the battery is connected to the electrical components in the vehicle. During charging, it connects the battery to the connected power grid. Here, fasteners are needed for example, to seal the cooling channels in the battery housing tightly and securely, and to connect components made of various materials.

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Closing and Sealing Systems

In various areas and applications of the industry, from gearboxes and pumps to engine blocks, coolant and lubricant circuits or process-related bore holes are required to ensure the function of the component. These circuits have to be closed or sealed.

Threaded Inserts and Bolts

Threaded inserts and threaded bolts for plastics with different embedding methods

Form rolling parts

Form rolling parts offer many advantages over conventionally machined fasteners

Direct Screwing in Metals

In direct screwing, fasteners generate a thread without cutting during the screw-in process.

Direct Screwing in Plastics

With direct screwing the fasteners generate a thread when screwed in without cutting.

Direct Screwing in various materials

With direct screwing the fasteners generate a thread when screwed in without cutting.

Blind Rivet Systems

Blind rivet systems allow an inseparable and material independent connection of several components in different material thicknesses.