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Form rolling parts

Form rolling parts offer many advantages over conventionally machined fasteners

Forming technology offers many advantages, such as one hundred percent material utilization, high strength through strain hardening and uninterrupted grain flow. For this reason, our product portfolio also includes rotationally symmetrical fasteners with external profile, which are produced using modern form rolling technology.

Due to the manufacturing process, form rolling parts have many advantages over conventionally machined fasteners. Important points to mention are high surface quality as well as strain hardening that occurs during production.

We can also design a wide variety of turned parts for you as form rolled parts, which enables cost-effective production in large quantities. We will be happy to work with you together to find the best solution – please contact us!

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  • Strain hardening and high surface quality
  • Suitable for large quantities
  • Chipless production
  • Very short process times compared to the machining production
  • High dimensional accuracy

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