Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts for plastics with different embedding methods

Through threaded inserts, plastic components can be provided with a metallic nut thread and fastened with a metric screw connection.

In the installation process, the inserts create a form-fit connection to the plastic component by overmolding, ultrasonic or heat embedding, and by screwing in inserts with external threads. Through this, a reliable connection of plastic components, also with repeat screwing processes, can be ensured. Depending on the embedding method, the outer contour features knurls, grooves, hexagon contours or threads, which are dimensioned to accommodate tensile and torque loads.


  • Repeated screwing possible
  • No preload force losses
  • High load capacity
  • Geometry adaptable to customer requirements

b&m Brands


b&m-REPTO® B

Threaded bolt for embedding in plastics

Automotive Standard

b&m-REPTO® M

Threaded insert for overmolding with different outer contours in plastics

Automotive Standard

b&m-REPTO® S

Threaded insert for screwing into plastics

Automotive Standard

b&m-REPTO® U

Threaded insert for ultrasonic embedding into plastics

Automotive Standard

b&m-REPTO® W

Threaded insert for heat-embedding into plastics

Automotive Standard