b&m-KL PLUG®

Closing and sealing system for holes with or without internal pressure

The b&m-KL PLUG® is a one-piece, universally applicable closure and sealing element for bores subjected to internal pressure. Due to the different materials and diameter ranges, it can be adapted to different customer applications and can seal up to 30 bar operating pressure. The element offers simple and efficient assembly and disassembly without generating waste and offers many other advantages over conventional closure and sealing systems for boreholes.

  • Diameter: 8mm - 20mm
  • Length: depending on diameter
  • Head geometry: can be produced with or without head
  • Material: Steel and aluminum
  • Coating: optional according to specification
  • Operating pressure: up to 30 bar
  • One-piece element
  • No waste products during assembly
  • Non-destructive disassembly
  • Combines quality and reliability
  • Efficient assembly process
  • Seals holes as closure element
  • Seals a too large of a hole for repair purposes and provides a smaller thread
  • Can be used as a kind of dowel system by having the thread ready for a metric screw after assembly
  • Closing and sealing a cast bearing housing cover for a turbocharger
  • Closing of coolant and refrigerant systems for indirect battery cooling
  • Closing of channels in electric motor housings