Twist lock screw optimized for fast assembly and disassembly processes

The b&m-QUICK RELEASE FASTENER is especially developed for the frequent opening and closing of e.g. switch cabinets. Due to the unique thread geometry it is possible to achieve release and closing mechanisms with a quarter turn. This means that maintenance and service checks can be carried out quickly, efficiently and without long disassembly times.

  • Diameter: 4mm – 10mm
  • Length: depending on diameter / 15mm - 60mm
  • Material: available in steel and stainless steel
  • Thread pitch: special steep helix geometry with a locking tab
  • Head geometry: customer-specific solutions can be produced
  • Coating: according to specification (integrated or additionally applied lubricant depending on application)
  • Safe, reliable and comfortable locking and opening
  • Cost savings due to short and non-destructive assembly and disassembly processes
  • Self-locking function due to the special thread geometry
  • Combined with a plastic bushing, the screw is fixed to the application so it can’t get lost
  • No thread required in the counterpart
  • The screw can be reused multiple times
  • Cost savings through the new “form rolling” production technology and its associated fitting accuracy
  • Made in Germany
  • Mounting of removable and easily accessible panels, frames of electrical appliances, motor housings and covers
  • Suitable for use in the electrical and automotive industry as well as for household appliances
  • Frequent opening and closing of switch cabinets