b&m-REPTO® B

Threaded bolt for embedding in plastics

The b&m-REPTO® B is a threaded bolt for embedding in thermoplastics and duroplastics. The external thread of the bolt, which can be designed both as metric and as customer-specific, can be used for joining and assembling further components. It ensures a process-reliable and highly repeatable connection.

The b&m-REPTO® B can be embedded in the plastic by various embedding processes such as heat embedding, ultrasonic embedding and overmolding. Thereby, the knurl geometry has to be designed for the respective embedding process. An ideal knurl selection is essential for a later load case. Depending on the selection of geometry and material, the b&m-REPTO® B can be manufactured by machining or completely by cold forming. In the innovative production process using cold forming, the applied material can be used more efficiently and the thread strength can be further increased.

  • Diameter: 3mm - 12mm
  • Length: depending on diameter
  • Material: Brass or steel
  • Thread: metric or customer-specific solutions can be produced
  • Embedding process: ultrasonic, heat embedding or overmolding
  • Torque absorption: takes place via the knurling designed for the installation process
  • Axial force absorption: takes place via additionally attached circular grooves and knurls
  • Customer and application-specific bolt geometries can be manufactured
  • Form-fitting connection, for ideal absorption of torques and axial forces
  • Highly repeatable and process-reliable connection
  • Higher thread strength for cold forming
  • More material-efficient production, due to constant-volume production process with cold forming
  • Short embedding time
  • Embedding using ultrasound and heat for unreinforced and reinforced thermoplastics with up to 50% glass fiber content
  • Overmolding for unreinforced and reinforced thermoplastics and thermosets with up to 50% glass fiber content
  • Attachment of the power supply to the battery housing
  • Attachment of the tank to the chassis