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b&m Insect hotel!

At the beginning of this year, we, as b&m trainees, were commissioned by Mr. Federolf to build insect hotels. We began by agreeing on a construction concept and then drew up a material plan, which we later needed for our visit to the DIY store.

The basic structure of our b&m insect hotels consists of about six Euro pallets, which are screwed together. The lowest pallet forms the foundation and remains almost unchanged to ensure safe transport, e.g. with a forklift. From the second to the top pallet, all gaps were filled with insect-friendly raw materials, such as branches with holes, straw and moss. The top two pallets were also prepared to accommodate a small bed for lavender plants to attract even more insects.

In retrospect, this project, which is still in progress with the construction of insect hotel No.2, as well as the group lunch together, has been a lot of fun. It was not only a challenge in terms of craftsmanship, but also a great boost to our team spirit as trainees, as everyone was able to contribute their personal share to this project.
We are also pleased that with this project we can offer insects in the vicinity a place of refuge and a warm home, which makes environmental friendliness a priority for us as a company.