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Listen to b&m in “Maschinenraum” Podcast

The hybrid construction method is both a solution and a challenge: The different materials must be joined together in a manner that is not only reliable but also process-safe. b&m scores with cold-formed solutions beyond the conventional paths. The latest episode of the “Maschinenraum” podcast by Dennis Rathmann deals with the b&m-specific approach (#266). The guests are our Sales expert Jana Tischler and Eugen Kraus, Head of Sales Engineering.

The central element of the podcast episode is Jana Tischler’s statement: “We focus on customer-specific requirements for component connections that cannot be met with standard market technologies – and which we approach with our own laboratory and development expertise.” The trio discusses the extent to which high-performance screws such as b&m-TIGHT® can improve the interplay between quality, cost efficiency and eco-balance – and what advantages they bring compared to other joining processes such as adhesive bonding. In addition, there is the question of how b&m develops innovations. In this context, the talk turns to the b&m-KL PLUG® closing and sealing system. Also in the spotlight: the versatility of the b&m-TRIMNUT® and the ability of the new production process b&m-ECCO TEC® to combine sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

HERE you can access the “Maschinenraum” podcast (#266, language: German).