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The End of a Rusty Connection

In the past, it just didn’t match: when carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics met direct screwing systems, things usually lacked process reliability and corrosion resistance. Now, the LEHVOSS Group has examined a solution we developed – working with the b&m-CARBONPLAST® has revealed astonishing results. LEHVOSS, producer of high-performance thermoplastic compounds and market leader for carbon reinforced plastics, has extensively tested the direct screwing system together with our application engineers.

The focus was on three high-performance compounds from the LUVOCOM® CF product line, each of which has a carbon fiber content of 30 percent. The polymer base: PA 66, PPS and PEEK. “Compared to conventional CF short-fiber compounds, our customized variants achieve significantly higher strengths, stiffnesses and, at the same time, impact toughness,” explains Eric Folz, Market Development Manager at LEHVOSS. According to Folz, the target group for such weight-optimized plastics are product designers in areas such as premium automotive and aerospace, as well as machine components and sporting goods. “We’re talking about high-strength components for automotive applications, drones and bicycles, among others, but also for photographic and film equipment or medical devices.”

Eric Folz’s conclusion: “The connection of our LUCOVOM CF materials can be implemented with the b&m-CARBONPLAST® smoothly and reliably in the process.”