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“The strongest aha-effect prevails”

In coolant and lubrication circuits, the interaction between quality, cost-efficiency and eco-balance can be noticeably improved – with fastener technology by baier & michels. Developers Eugen Kraus and Michael Lendle talk about the art of simplicity and a unique closing and sealing system: the b&m-KL PLUG®.

Mr. Kraus, Mr. Lendle, you offer special solutions in fastener technology to automotive manufacturers and suppliers. How do you go about your daily work?

Lendle: With curiosity, a great desire to fiddle and puzzle, but also the willingness to fail sometimes.
Kraus: There are always screws, rivets and nuts lying around on our desks. Completely new, even crazy ideas are first brainstormed and discussed, and then later on tested for their practicality in our workshops and labs. In the end, the strongest aha-effect prevails.

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