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Trade fairs again at last!

Did you feel the same way? The joy of seeing each other again in 2021 after the pandemic break was enormous: IAA Mobility in Munich, Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Automotive Hungary in Budapest. Finally experiencing trade fairs again!

Cultivating relationships live and on site, seeing and touching product innovations, while also gaining inspiration and direct feedback.

“There is simply no substitute for meeting in person,” reports Jana Tischler, Head of New Business at baier & michels, about our three trade show participations. “With our technical developments, we want to make our customers’ work not only easier and safer, but also faster and more sustainable.” Illustrating this in the best possible way needs the right platform.

“The classic trade show appearance is suitable for this,” says Sales Director Lutz Büttner. “At our booth, we presented the b&m innovations from the world of connections, closures and seals with a new concept. Here, the visuals complement the hands-on experience: large 3D models and application examples were available for demonstration.”

With “coffee strategy” and “working” visitors:

For example, a large screwdriver with a measuring function served to demonstrate the b&m-TIGHT® direct screwing system. Visitors were able to insert their own b&m-KL PLUGs® into prepared sleeves or quickly form an external thread with b&m-TRIMNUT® and a cordless screwdriver. In addition to the technical features, an additional visitor magnet was the b&m “coffee strategy”: the coffee always offered by our in-house barista from an Italian machine provided a relaxed introduction to many exciting conversations.

What remains after the trade fair autumn 2021 is the double insight: On the one hand, we are on the right track with our innovative spirit and the b&m brands. On the other hand, with our open stand concept, we are absolutely ready for the upcoming trade fairs in 2022 and look forward to your visit – starting with EUROGUSS in Nuremberg from the 8th to the 10th of June.