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b&m Academy: understanding cold-forming

Buying high-quality connections, closures and seals is one thing. It is another thing to understand the products and integrate them into your own applications. Because only then do the small parts unfold their great effect by making life easier for our customers - technically and economically.

“In order to share the experience and know-how of our experts, which has been built up over decades, we founded the b&m Academy,” says Julia Klinkenberg, Head of Knowledge Transfer at baier & michels. On the one hand, the training institute informs interested users about the basics and innovations in cold-forming, and on the other hand it offers a forum for practical discussions on all aspects of fastening technology solutions.

The b&m Academy is aimed at OEMs and suppliers from the automotive, electrical and medical technology sectors. The two- to four-hour courses are attended by design engineers and production managers, but also by purchasing and quality experts. “In terms of content, we look at the way our products are created, and we use our production line to illustrate the challenges that accompany the manufacturing process,” explains Julia Klinkenberg. “In addition to insights into quality optimization, there are also insights into our application laboratory, where topics such as component design and screw-in parameters are addressed.”

By arrangement, the training agenda can be tailored to the needs of the participants – and not only in terms of the main topics. Says Julia Klinkenberg: “We are able to hold the events in person, but we also have very good experience with the online format, where our Digital Showroom enables a 360-degree tour of production halls, product and laboratory rooms.” Did we catch your interest? Then get in touch with us by email at academy@baier-michels.com or by phone at +49 6154 – 69600 (Ms. Julia Klinkenberg).