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Agosto 2021

Welcome to our family, b&m-VIBE®

23.08.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

b&m-VIBE®, a decoupling element for absorbing and deflecting vibrations and noise, is now part of our product family. b&m-VIBE® is the perfect fastener to prevent the transmission of occurring vibrations to adjacent components. With the b&m-VIBE® b&m responds to the various challenges of the market, for damping vibrations and reducing noise emissions.

Visit our product page for more information.

A very warm welcome to our new trainees!

02.08.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

The new trainee programmes began on the 1st August 2021. We wish our trainees a great start at b&m.

Would you also like to be part of it? Click here for more information about our wide range of traineeships.

Luglio 2021

Save the dates!

07.07.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

We are excited to be on the road again soon to present our latest innovations live and in person. Hope to see you there!

Sustainably beautiful!

01.07.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

Helping our nature is not only a must. It’s great. It’s wonderful. We replaced ... Read more

Giugno 2021

Welcome to our family, b&m-RINU® HEX

18.06.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

b&m-RINU® HEX, a hexagonal blind rivet nut for applying threads in thin-walled components, is now part of our product family. Compared to ... Read more

Welcome to our family, b&m-RINU®

17.06.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

b&m-RINU® is a blind rivet nut that is now part of our product family. The b&m-RINU® technology makes it possible for ... Read more

Maggio 2021

We proudly present our NEW production!

03.05.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

New production hall – new possibilities! Our production moved into a new facility and now offers ... Read more

Aprile 2021

Welcome to the family b&m-REPTO® E

22.04.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

The b&m-REPTO® E is a threaded insert for ... Read more

Let's stay healthy together!

15.04.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

We would like to thank all our employees for their great support over the last few weeks! To the colleagues in Germany: thank you for testing yourselves so conscientiously twice a week. We are very pleased that the rapid tests we've been providing already for 3 weeks, are taken on board so well.

Marzo 2021

Discover our b&m-REPTO® Family

26.03.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

NOW also available in Pb-free materials.

The b&m-REPTO® family at a glance

08.03.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

Do you already know the various applications of the b&m threaded inserts and threaded bolts? In our new advertising material you can learn more about the product family and in which industries it is used.

Febbraio 2021

Did you know how versatile the b&m-KL PLUG® is?

18.02.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

To show the various application fields of our b&m-KL PLUG® a new animation ... Read more

Gennaio 2021

The b&m-KL PLUG® takes off

12.01.2021 - Rohrbach, Germany

Did you know how many holes or channels inside a car have to be sealed or closed? ... Read more

Happy New Year 2021

01.01.2021 – Rohrbach, Germany

We wish you you a happy new year 2021. Stay safe and healthy.

Dicembre 2020

Merry Christmas

24.12.2020 – Rohrbach, Germany

We wish you a Merry Christmas and say THANK YOU for the great cooperation in 2020.

Raffle on Instagram

01.12.2020 – Rohrbach, Deutschland

Curious? Then follow us on Instagram and find out more about our raffle.

Novembre 2020

Have you got the hang of it?

26.11.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

With our b&m-SHOWCASE Tower you will! Placed in your engineering, development, application laboratory ... Read more

We look into the future

04.11.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

2021 and 2022 we start with full speed ahead! IAA 2021 and EUROGUSS 2022 - We'll be there! We look forward to presenting ... Read more

Settembre 2020

Embedding machines for our b&m-REPTO® Family

03.09.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

We are pleased to inform you that two new machines have recently been added to our application laboratory. These are devices ... Read more

Agosto 2020

Thread forming | thread tapping | thread cutting

27.08.2020 – Rohrbach, Germany

The product portfolio of b&m is versatile. No matter if you are looking for thread forming, thread tapping or thread cutting screws, you will ... Read more


21.08.2020 – Rohrbach, Germany

Come to our b&m-Technology Center in Rohrbach and immerse with us in the world of b&m. We will introduce you to the company baier & michels, show you the uniqueness ... Read more

Luglio 2020

baier & michels | b&m | BuM | BandM

20.07.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

No matter what name you know us by, we are behind it. We are baier & michels and stand for innovative fasteners in best quality. Every single employee makes ... Read more

b&m focuses on MADE IN GERMANY

09.07.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

As a fastener manufacturer, especially in our own production, we rely above all on innovative development expertise and a high level of production know-how. ... Read more

b&m goes electrical, b&m goes green!

07.07.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

We are proud to present our first electric pool vehicle. For recharging we have installed our own charging stations from Webasto. Many thanks to the Webasto Group for the good cooperation.

Giugno 2020

BEE b&m

30.06.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

Since 3 weeks we have new small and hard-working employees. 2 bee colonies are with us at our headquarter in Ober-Ramstadt. Bees are very important and ... Read more

Be up to DATE

04.06.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

The June issue of our newsletter is available. Register below in the Community section to receive our newsletter and stay "up to DATE" on innovations in fastening technology.

Marzo 2020

b&m Trainees on Instagram!

23.03.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

Dear customers, dear b&m Family, The time has come, our trainees from baier & michels are now on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram. Best wishes from the b&m Trainees

Our door stays open for you

20.03.2020 - Rohrbach, Deutschland

Whatever happens, we're open and happy to help you with your fastening topics!

New company website

02.03.2020 - Our new company website is online!

We are pleased to inform you that our new website of the b&m Group is now online! After one year of development, programming and data maintenance we could finally ... Read more

Febbraio 2020

b&m Customer Newsletter

19. February 2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

The February issue of our newsletter is available. For regular information about innovations in fastening ... Read more

b&m-TECH Forum in Turkey

6th of February 2020 - Turkey

Due to the high demand, we are holding several TECH Days in week 8 at our most important customers in Turkey. We are looking forward to a lively exchange and exciting discussions!

Gennaio 2020

b&m Fastener Academy 2020

The new training series of the b&m Academy, the b&m Fastener Academy, starts in February 2020

Thanks to the support of many colleagues, this year ... Read more

b&m Hungary

13.01.2020 – Alsónémedi - b&m expands to Hungary

After a long preparation, we have founded a subsidiary in Hungary and serve the Hungarian market directly on site from now on. We are delighted to welcome the new member to the b&m Group and wish our colleagues every success to this wonderful opportunity!


14.-16.1.2020 - EUROGUSS 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany!

Visit us at the EUROGUSS 2020, the largest trade fair of its kind in Europe, where every two years everything ... Read more

Novembre 2019