The intelligent alternative to cost-intensive turned part production: with b&m-ECCO TEC®, conventional long turned parts with the most diverse external contours can be made precisely, quickly and, most importantly, resource-efficiently – simply NON-CUTTING.

The b&m-ECCO TEC® chipless process allows rotationally symmetrical components with a wide range of external contours to be produced – not only precisely and quickly, but also efficiently in terms of resources and energy.

Because with this technology, baier & michels consistently uses the advantages of cold forming. b&m-ECCO TEC® enables enormously high cycle rates, full utilization of the raw material used and outstanding quality of the strain-hardened surface. Added to this is so-far unexpected potential for designing the exterior geometry: undercuts, serrations, recesses and grooves are just as feasible as complex profiles and functional surfaces with tight tolerances.

With the principle of forming instead of machining, b&m-ECCO TEC® ensures short process times and high output quantities of machine-made parts. In doing so the process reduces production cost as well as the carbon footprint.


  • Strain hardening and high surface quality
  • Lower production costs and production time compared to machining production
  • Non-machining process improves eco-balance
  • Suitable for large quantities
  • Facilitates geometric special developments