This is where innovations are born

As a fastener manufacturer, especially in our own production, we rely above all on innovative development expertise and a high level of production know-how. This enables us to develop and manufacture your individual fastener solutions under one roof quickly and efficiently. Using the latest technology, we produce, test and pack fasteners in our in-house production facility.

In Rohrbach, the wire becomes a finished screw. Thus, we combine in our production all the necessary skills of forming and quality control. For further treatments such as tempering, as well as for surface coating, we work closely with our local partners.


  • State-of-the art process monitoring on all machines and complete production data collection (PDA)
  • Cooperation with our partners for the continuous improvement of process monitoring
  • Link between PDA and CAQ ensures highest quality standards
  • Statistical process control leads to low rejects ratio and stable processes
  • Continuous improvement of production processes through in-house development and design

Our services

Cold forming facility

  • Our production includes ultra-modern cold-formers such as various double-headers, 2-die-3-blow headers and four-stage headers. The machines are partially equipped with inductive preheating function to maximize the formability of the wire.

Rolling facility

  • In our rolling facility we have modernized machines, which provide press blanks with a thread. All rollers are equipped with force monitoring, in order to detect and reject faulty parts as early as possible.


  • Our sorting machines work optically with the latest camera technology. This enables a 100% inspection of every screw and it offers you the security of a process-reliable screw connection. Sorting can be done on almost any type of geometry specification.

Process Monitoring

  • All production machines at baier & michels are equipped with state-of-the-art process monitoring. In addition to the many advantages we can already use today, we develop new software solutions and digital-aids together with our collaborators.

Machine- and Production Data Acquisition (MDA/PDA)

  • In order to make production more transparent, b&m digitally records and manages all machine and operating data. This allows an insight into the current machine occupancy and usage.

Digital Tool Management

  • Scannable codes on each tooling part guarantee 100% traceability of each tool. The data obtained allows exact calculation of tool service life. Thus, we always know that for each production order all required tool components are available.