Direct Screwing in Metals

In direct screwing, fasteners generate a thread without cutting during the screw-in process.

The principle of non-cutting forming used here produces a thread with high load-bearing capacity due to the uninterrupted grain flow and strain-hardening of the material. Additional screw locking (e.g. to DIN 267-27/28) is therefore unnecessary.

The generated thread is a metric ISO thread, which is compatible with standard parts. Furthermore, the threads formed in this way are free of play and are self-locking. Thread-forming screws can be used in all ductile, i.e. plastically deformable materials.


  • Cost advantages through the elimination of thread cutting and through direct use in cast, drilled or punched holes
  • Produces an uninterrupted grain flow and a thread with high load-bearing capacity by strain-hardening of the material
  • Through the forming process of the thread, no interfering chips are created
  • The thread geometries of all our direct screwing systems have a large tolerance range preventing angular errors when the screw is applied
  • No play between the screw and its self-formed nut threads
  • No threadlocker is required due to the associated self-locking effect
  • Repeat screwing is possible

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Universally usable direct screwing system in all ductile metal materials

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b&m-FORM S®

Direct screwing system with shortened forming zone suited for all ductile metal materials

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Specialized direct screwing system for thin sheet metal applications

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Direct screwing system with integrated sealing function for aluminum-steel hybrid applications

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Direct screwing system for high-stress applications

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