Universally usable direct screwing system in all ductile metal materials

In contrast to „trilobular“ screws, the b&m-FORM® is designed with a circular cross-section affecting the entire threaded area. The forming zone is also provided with fully and sharply pointed thread flanks. The geometry of the thread guarantees a secure screw-in process even under unfavorable conditions.

  • Diameter: M3 – M10
  • Length: depending on diameter / 6mm – 70mm
  • Property class: F10 according to b&m-factory standard WN04/14 or according to DIN/ISO specification
  • Flank angle: 60°
  • Thread pitch: metric according to DIN 13
  • Head geometry: feasible solutions according to customer specification
  • Coating: optional according to specification (integrated or additionally applied lubricant according to application)
  • Thread forming zone: 3 – 4 threads
  • Easy hole locating due to the rounded screw tip
  • Circular thread cross section and fully pronounced thread flanks offer maximum flank coverage and through this a high overtorque
  • Large process window between forming torque and overtorque
  • Easy assembly with little need for axial force during the screw-in process
  • A metric thread is generated, so that metric equivalents can be used for repairs
  • Particularly suitable for aluminum direct screwing in cast core holes
  • Suitable for steel and sheet metal applications, zinc and zinc die casting
  • Cover screw connection WAPU / Alu – Die-casting