Logistic 4.0

Our contribution to your success

With Logistic 4.0 we achieve efficiency and productivity through transparency, automation and bundling in regards to process speed, error reduction and cost savings.

We define Logistics 4.0 as the integration and interaction of processes and information along the supply chain. We achieve this through modern information and communication technologies with decentralized decision-making structures. We use intelligent labels throughout the logistics chain to identify and control goods by making use of the latest technologies such as RFID. In warehousing and transportation, we use mobile data acquisition (MDA) and autonomous transport systems and share these technologies with our customers.


  • Efficient use of resources to save time, money and equipment
  • Use of innovative technologies to improve delivery reliability, quality and flexibility
  • Process reliability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain

Our services

Delivery Systems

  • Various concepts for controlling the material flow according to your needs
  • Establishing a constant and continuous supply system
  • Guaranteeing long-term supply
  • Reduction of waste, warehousing costs and administrative work


  • Wide selection of labels
  • Can be combined with technologies such as RFID
  • Automatic recording of all relevant information on type, scope and packaging of the delivery

Packaging Solutions

  • Wide range of standardized packaging solutions
  • Optimal protection of your goods also for global transport
  • Efficient handling of goods, especially in combination with modern identification solutions


  • Combination of proven system solutions with modern technologies such as EDI and RFID