Direct Screwing in Plastics

With direct screwing the fasteners generate a thread when screwed in without cutting.

New applications mean an increasing significance for the use of plastics. The resulting advantages are located in the area of weight reduction, increased chemical resistance and simplified recycling of the components, for example through the possible replacement of metal inserts.

The economical fitting possibilities and ability to disconnect direct screwing connections made into plastics create cost savings in comparison to other joining techniques. In contrast to previous applications (with a flank angle of 60°), b&m thread geometries have a flank angle value of 30° / 25° and reduce radial tension.
This achieves optimal filling of the thread root, whilst enabling material-saving dimensioning of the screw-in tube. The design of thin wall thicknesses enables a weight- and cost-optimized connection. Greater coverage between the thread flanks and the material increases process safety.


  • High process capability due to consistent screw-in process
  • No tolerances between screws and self-formed nut threads
  • High assembly speed
  • Savings through the ommission of threaded inserts
  • Supports lightweight construction targets

b&m Brands

b&m-PLAST R®

Optimized direct screwing system for high performance plastics

b&m Innovation


Conventional direct screwing system for plastics

Automotive Standard


Versatile direct screwing system for plastics

Automotive Standard