Turned parts

Turned parts machined with precision according to your specifications and adapted to your applications

Turning occurs by a step-by-step removal of material from a raw part. Several machine tools exist, which are differentiated by characteristics, achievable shapes, dimension of worked parts and production speed. b&m can count on mechanical control lathes, CNC lathes with single-spindle or multi-spindle, sliding- or fixed head lathes; additionally, wire-lathes can be used for small parts in large series.

b&m could also manage all the additional processes, such as heat treatments and coating against corrosion or for aesthetic appearance. This allows us to cover and satisfy all demands.


  • No high costs for molds needed
  • Smallest tolerances achievable compared to forming operation
  • All kinds of materials could be processed
  • Some parts can be realized starting from a tube
  • Multiple process steps possible in the same machine