Panorama roofs and sliding roofs

Roof systems with benefits

From large panorama roofs to the classic sliding roof – modern roof systems are becoming more and more popular in vehicles. They provide a bright vehicle interior, a pleasant supply of fresh air or even serve as a drive support. However, the more extensive the functions of the roof system, the greater the demands on the fasteners used. For instance, direct screwing systems need to fit into the smallest installation space and dampers need to minimize the noise of the sunroof motor.

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Direct Screwing in Metals

In direct screwing, fasteners generate a thread without cutting during the screw-in process.

Direct Screwing in various materials

With direct screwing the fasteners generate a thread when screwed in without cutting.

Blind Rivet Systems

Blind rivet systems allow an inseparable and material independent connection of several components in different material thicknesses.

Bearings and Dampers

Bearings guide moving components while dampers absorb the vibrations of moving components