Die-cast components and toolmaking

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Die-cast components and toolmaking have become indispensable in the mass production of vehicles and their components. A wide variety of fasteners are used in a wide variety of places. For example, direct screw fastening in die-cast aluminum places completely new demands on the screws used due to the mechanical properties of the material. Furthermore, many tools have cooling channels that must be reliably closed even under high loads and stresses.

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Closing and Sealing Systems

In various areas and applications of the industry, from gearboxes and pumps to engine blocks, coolant and lubricant circuits or process-related bore holes are required to ensure the function of the component. These circuits have to be closed or sealed.

Direct Screwing in Metals

In direct screwing, fasteners generate a thread without cutting during the screw-in process.

Direct Screwing in various materials

With direct screwing the fasteners generate a thread when screwed in without cutting.