Direct Screwing for CFRP

The direct screwing connection of carbon fiber components offers considerable economic advantages over other joining techniques due to the connections' ability to disconnect.

Usually, non-releasable joining techniques such as gluing and welding are used when joining fiber composite components. Alternative force introduction elements, such as e.g. bonded bolts, allow a non-permanent connection, but these have many disadvantages. For example, the setting of an adhesive joint, the curing time of the adhesive as well as the installation space and the application of the bolts is associated with considerable time and effort.

With direct screwing the fasteners (screws) generate a thread when screwed in without cutting. The generated thread results from the forming process when screwing into the polymer material. This system has the advantage of managing without thread cutting. Thus, it is fast, efficient, reproducible and cost-effective.


  • Connection’s ability to disconnect
  • Less time and effort compared to other joining techniques
  • Thread cutting is not required

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