Thread-forming screw for carbon fiber reinforced plastics

The b&m-CARBONPLAST® is designed for the direct screwing of carbon fiber reinforced plastics. By using a special steel for the production of the screw, it is possible to make direct contact with the carbon fiber without a corrosive reaction. Moreover, the thread tips are resistant to the abrasive wear of the fibers. The thread geometry has also been adapted for this specific application in order to promote the flow of material and to avoid radial stresses which can lead to delamination effects.

  • Diameter: 4mm - 6mm
  • Length: depending on diameter / 8mm - 30mm
  • Property class: as per agreement
  • Flank angle: 25°
  • Head geometry: various head geometries can be produced
  • Coating: according to specification
  • Corrosion-resistant austenitic material
  • Suited for cutting threads in CFRP materials
  • Resistant to the abrasive wear of the carbon fibers
  • Material flow optimized thread geometry
  • Can also be used with thermosets sensitive to stress cracks, e.g. EP
  • High tightening torque can be achieved through low forming torque and high overtorque limit
  • Process-reliable screw connection due to tight production tolerances
  • Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics, e.g. PA-CF; PEI-CF; PPS-CF
  • Carbon fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics, e.g. EP-CF