Direct Screwing in various materials

With direct screwing the fasteners generate a thread when screwed in without cutting.

In the automotive industry, direct screwing systems are often used to connect components. Direct screwing offers cost advantages through the elimination of thread cutting and direct use in cast, drilled or punched holes. In addition to this, through the forming process of the thread, no interfering chips are created.

For various materials, such as plastics and metals, different screws are usually selected, which meet the respective requirements. At the same time, however, the topic of standardization is gaining importance. A hybrid construction with various materials, such as aluminum, magnesium and zinc die-cast as well as thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, is becoming increasingly common. With direct screwing systems, which can be used with various materials, existing screws can be replaced and thus the diversity of parts reduced.


  • Can be applied for screw connections in metals and plastics
  • Standardization of part diversity possible
  • Combines the benefits of direct screwing in plastics and in metals

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b&m-FORM LG® Vario

Universally applicable direct screwing system for various materials

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