b&m-FORM LG® Vario

Universally applicable direct screwing system for various materials

The b&m-FORM LG® Vario is suitable for screwing into various materials. It can be used for direct screwing in metals as well as for direct screwing in plastics. The special asymmetrical thread form allows a process- and time-optimized assembly. Thus, the b&m-FORM LG® Vario offers an excellent solution for standardization within an assembly with different applications.

  • Diameter: 4mm - 8mm
  • Length: depending on diameter / 10mm - 70mm
  • Property class: according to b&m-factory standard WN 03/16 or according to DIN/ISO specification
  • Flank angle: asymmetrical thread flank profile
  • Thread pitch: larger than metric
  • Head geometry: customer-specific solutions can be produced
  • Coating: optional according to specification (integrated or additionally applied lubricant according to application)
  • Universally applicable direct screwing system for various materials
  • The integrated dog point geometry improves the assembly performance
  • Faster process times due to larger pitch compared to metric threads
  • The asymmetrical thread form ensures optimized material forming
  • The thread form, which is optimized for direct screwing in light metal casting, allows the loss of preload forces to stay at a low level
  • Suitable for aluminum, magnesium and zinc die-cast alloys
  • Suitable for screwing into thermoplastics and thermosets
  • Screw connection of a heat protection shield in a pump housing
  • Screw connection into a steering wheel made of aluminum/magnesium die-cast
  • Plastic screw connection for fastening a power-window motor