Screw-in tube made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic

The b&m-CARBONCONNECT® is a function-integrated force introduction element, which allows a direct screwing connection in CFRP without additional material accumulation. In addition, the delamination effect is avoided by a fiber deflection parallel to the screwing-in direction. In this case, the thread tips are inserted into the component orthogonally to the grain flow and can thus not initiate delaminating transverse forces. The b&m-CARBONCONNECT® therefore offers a good alternative to the existing fasteners. The b&m-CARBONCONNECT® can be implemented as preform prior to infiltration of the component. For small screw-in depths, it is possible to shape the tube geometry from the structural tissue. Alternatively, it can be glued or laminated as a finished part.

  • Diameter: for screws of 4mm – 6mm
  • Screw-in depth: up to 2xd
  • Material: Thermoset and Thermoplastic
  • Reinforcing materials: CF and GF
  • Manufacturing technology: RTM and pressing
  • Strong attachment point due to large screw-in depth
  • Substitution of inserts or big-heads
  • Avoids the failure of joints due to delamination
  • Design possibilities: Draping from the structural tissue; Introduction of additional fiber material (preform); Laminating of a prefabricated tube is possible
  • Integrated functions during the production of thin-walled CFRP components
  • No reworking necessary
  • Deflected grain flow shows stress-concentration in screw-in direction
  • Thread tips penetrate orthogonally to the grain flow (no delamination effect)
  • Optimized tube contour for process-reliable direct screwing
  • Up to 10 repeat screw-ins are possible
  • High pull-out forces up to 4KN
  • Repairability
  • Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics, for example PA-CF; PEI-CF; PPS-CF
  • Carbon fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics, for example EP-CF