b&m-PLAST R®

Optimized direct screwing system for high performance plastics

The b&m-PLAST R® is suited for the direct screwing of low to high-strength plastics, including Thermoset. This screw’s reduced flank angle enables the radial stresses to be minimized in the plastic component. At the same time, the optimized geometry of the thread root favors a homogeneous material flow. Thanks to the improved flank coverage and the simultaneously optimized design of the thread pitch, higher tightening torques and preload forces with improved process capacity can be achieved.

  • Diameter: 4mm - 10mm
  • Length: depending on diameter / 8mm - 40mm
  • Property class: 1000 according to b&m-factory standard WN 03/16
  • Flank angle: 25°
  • Head geometry: a variety of head geometry possible (Standard: pan head and pan head with collar)
  • Coating: optional according to specification
  • The reduced 25° flank angle leads to lower notch effect and reduces radial forces acting on the tube
  • The rounded thread root ensures a homogenous material flow of the plastic into the cavities
  • Large process window can be achieved between forming torque and overtorque
  • Greater flank coverage enables higher pull-out forces
  • Improved surface quality through long-stroke rolling
  • Reduced wall thicknesses can be achieved through lower radial stresses
  • Reliable connection process through tight production tolerances
  • Non-reinforced thermoplastics
  • High-reinforced thermoplastics (up to 50%)
  • Especially suitable for plastics sensitive to stress cracks
  • Sunroof module
  • Thermo-acoustic engine encapsulation