Direct screwing system with integrated sealing function for aluminum-steel hybrid applications

In contrast to „trilobular“ screws, the b&m-TIGHT® is designed with a circular cross-section affecting the entire threaded area. The forming zone is also provided with fully and sharply pointed thread flanks.

The b&m-TIGHT® is suitable for assemblies in aluminum-steel hybrid applications.
Special characteristic: when the core hole is adjusted, the b&m-TIGHT® is self-sealing against gases and liquids.

  • Diameter: M8 - M14
  • Length: depending on diameter / 20mm - 140mm
  • Property class: 10.9 according to DIN EN ISO 898-1 + inductive hardened thread-forming zone (6 - 8 threads)
  • Flank angle: 60°
  • Thread pitch: metric according to DIN 13
  • Head geometry: customized solutions available
  • Coating: optional according to specification (integrated or additionally applied lubricant according to application)
  • Thread-forming zone: 3 - 4 threads
  • Universal application for direct screwing of materials from high-strength steel to tough-soft aluminum
  • Circular thread cross section and fully pronounced thread flanks offer maximum flank coverage and through this a high overtorque
  • The forming zone geometry provides a positioning effect and compensates for axial deviations when the screw is applied
  • Enables screw-in depths of up to 5 x D (D= thread diameter) in low-strength materials
  • Self-sealing thread for reliable sealing for under or over pressure of up to 1000mbar (according to MBN 10355)
  • Prevents corrosion by keeping moisture away from the exposed connection point
  • Especially suitable for aluminum-steel hybrid applications
  • Direct screwing in high-strength and tough materials, as well as die-cast aluminum
  • Applications where a sealing function is required
  • Transmission frame connection with steel tubes
  • Seat connection with a hybrid screw connection made of aluminum-steel
  • Tank strap connection with a hybrid screw connection made of aluminum-steel