Embedding machines for our b&m-REPTO® Family

03.09.2020 - Rohrbach, Germany

We are pleased to inform you that two new machines have recently been added to our application laboratory. These are devices for embedding threaded inserts and threaded bolts in plastics by using ultrasound or heat.
Therefore we can offer you the same support as for the rest of our product portfolio.
With the embedding machines we have the possibility to embed threaded inserts and threaded bolts at our premises and subsequently check important parameters for you. These include pull-out forces, torque absorption and overtorques. After our tests, we are also happy to make recommendations for embedding times and, if necessary, the required embedding heat.
The embedding tests can be performed on simple plastic plates made of different materials and compositions. We are also happy to perform them on your original components and find the right b&m-REPTO® for you.

Are you interested?

More information about our b&m-REPTO® Family can be found here .