The creative sides of the b&m [R]EVOLUTION

Our fastener technology provides solutions in technology and inspiration in art. This is proven by the first collaboration with students of the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach am Main.

What do a honeybee, a space station and a hip-hop legend have in common? They are protagonists in a remarkable art project: Inspired by elements of fastener technology, students at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach am Main (HfG) have produced an annual calendar for 2022. The highlight of the project with the working title “b&m [R]EVOLUTION”: The calendar is not only convincing in the classic 2D view as a print format. The images shown can also be perceived three-dimensionally on an additional level – via the QR code principle on Instagram and Facebook.

Julia Klinkenberg, Head of Knowledge Transfer at baier & michels, accompanies the cooperation with the HfG crew: “The artists relied on so-called augmented reality (AR) for their works, i.e. an augmented reality that supplements our analog world with computer-supported virtual elements.”

Precision meets playfulness:

HfG student Mona Nguyen, who together with five other fellow students is involved in “b&m [R]EVOLUTION” twice – specifically with “Skyscrews” (month: February) and “Floral Mechanics” (month: June) – says about the 3-months research and implementation phase: “The creative attraction of this project was the interplay of contrasts. We encounter a factual industrial environment dominated by precision and technology with emotion, imagination and the wonderful possibilities of AR.”

The result of the individual contributions is remarkable: whoever looks at the images after switching to AR mode embarks on a voyage of discovery, finds project participant Samuel Adam Woodhall from the HfG: ” You can let yourself be surprised, playfully interact with the works and learn to observe things from a completely different perspective.”

Do you like the idea?
Then we have an exclusive gift for you: receive a “b&m [R]EVOLUTION” calendar from us, whereby each of the 500 printed copies has been given an individual number – and thus becomes the owner’s unique copy. What do you have to do? Complete this Request form and explain in a single sentence why you would like to have the “b&m [R]EVOLUTION” calendar.