Thread forming | thread tapping | thread cutting

27.08.2020 – Rohrbach, Germany

The product portfolio of b&m is versatile. No matter if you are looking for thread forming, thread tapping or thread cutting screws, you will find it here.
But why do you need an alternative to the conventional screwing with metric screws?
Direct screwing offers many advantages in contrast to machining thread production.

With direct screwing in metals the fasteners generate a thread when screwed in without cutting. Due to an uninterrupted grain flow and strain hardening of the material, the principle of non-cutting forming used here produces a thread with high load capacity. The generated thread is a metric ISO thread which is compatible with standard parts. Furthermore, the threads formed in this way are free of play and self-locking. Thread forming screws can be used in all ductile, i.e. plastically deformable materials. Through the forming process of the thread no chips will be created that could interfere with further processes. In addition, you will also benefit from cost advantages through elimination of thread cutting/shaping and direct use in cast, drilled or punched holes. The time-consuming preparation of the counterpart is therefore no longer necessary.

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