Decoupling element for absorbing and deflecting vibrations and noise

The b&m-VIBE® is the perfect fastener to prevent the transmission of occurring vibrations to adjacent components. With the b&m-VIBE® b&m responds to the various challenges of the market, for damping vibrations and reducing noise emissions.

Excessive noise and vibration can quickly cause problems. Both factors can have a negative impact on the product. Shorter product life cycle, due to mechanical failure, faster wear or even the less efficient operation of a product are often the consequences. b&m offers a variety of standard solutions for this – with and without internal thread. In case of special requirements, b&m impresses with high flexibility and short development times for adaptations to specific customer applications.

In case of the b&m-VIBE® variant with thread, a thread insert overmolded with elastomer is used. In contrast, the b&m-VIBE® can also be manufactured with only one sleeve. To create the clamping between the components, a thread must be provided in the counterpart in this case. In both variants, the elastomer is compressed by screwing in a screw, and through this a bulge is created and placed on to the component to be fastened. The result is a secure and reversible connection with damping properties.

  • Diameter: M4 - M8 in the standard range
  • Length: 15mm - 21.5mm as standard / special variants possible
  • Material: EPDM as standard / NBR and silicone upon request
  • Noise reduction and vibration damping
  • With and without thread (if thread available in counterpart)
  • No damage to the counterpart during disassembly
  • One-sided assembly possible
  • Applying a load-bearing thread on very thin-walled components
  • Specially designed for noise reduction (noise damping)
  • Vibration damping
  • Electrical insulation
  • Sunroof motor
  • Water pump