Universal blind rivet solution for connecting different materials regardless of their application thickness

Insert, rivet, done: through the plastic deformation of the rivet the b&m-RIVCON® creates a form-fit connection between several components. This provides vibration-resistant and distortion-free results without damaging the surface or changing the microstructure. The fastening element also scores in hard-to-reach places that the user can often only reach from one side. Due to a refined technology, the b&m-RIVCON® is especially suitable to be used on very flat components, regardless of their material – whether steel, aluminum, plastic or textiles. With its properties in accordance with the EN ISO 14588 standard, the blind riveting system is proving to be an outstandingly versatile and economically efficient solution. This is because the b&m RIVCON® enables designers to plan even more flexible and faster, and at the same time the assembly processes can be implemented easily and automatically.

Our element has become well established, particularly among players in the automotive industry and in the electrical and medical technology sectors. The range of the b&m-RIVCON® is characterized by a large selection of the common material combinations, head forms and clamping lengths; while the stainless-steel variant ensures a high corrosion resistance of the components. Furthermore, we are happy to take individual requirements into account – and to develop the right blind rivet for your application.

  • Diameter: 2.4 to 6.4 mm (EN ISO 14588)
  • Clamping range: depending on shaft length (rule of thumb: material thickness + shaft = shaft length)
  • Materials: available in different combinations, e.g. aluminum/steel, steel/steel, stainless steel/stainless steel
  • Head forms: flat, countersunk and large head as well as special forms
  • Mandrel types: with and without roller burnishing, extended mandrel also possible
  • Shaft types: customer-specific solutions can be produced
  • Simple, automatable assembly saves time and costs
  • Allows joining of different materials
  • Reliably non-detachable and vibration-resistant connection
  • Assembly process without health hazards from noise or toxic fumes
  • Can also be used in coated components, surface stay undamaged
  • Very thin-walled, coated components
  • Applications with only one-sided access
  • Different component materials can be joined together
  • Cooler
  • Seat structure
  • Sheet metal wall