b&m-KL PLUG®

Closing and sealing system for holes with or without pressure load

The b&m-KL PLUG® is a one-piece and universally applicable closing and sealing element for holes with and without pressure load. Due to the different materials and diameter ranges, it can be adapted to different customer applications and can seal up to 30 bar operating pressure. The element offers simple and efficient assembly without waste generation and also offers a number of other advantages over conventional closing and sealing systems for holes.

  • Diameter: 8mm - 24mm
  • Material: steel, stainless steel and aluminum depending on the counterpart material
  • Coating: according to specification
  • Operating pressure: pressure resistance up to 30 bar
  • Operating temperature: can be applied from -40°C up to + 200°C
  • One-piece element
  • Cost and weight-optimized
  • Easy installation with standard tools possible
  • Chip, burr and particle-free assembly
  • Flexibly adaptable to customer applications
  • Process stability
  • High degree of automation possible
  • Disassembly without damaging the counterpart
  • Seals bores as closure element
  • Works as a metallic dowel by closing a hole that is too large for repair purposes and thus it provides a smaller thread
  • Secure fixing of sensors and detectors possible
  • Closing and sealing a cast bearing housing cover for a turbocharger
  • Closing of coolant and refrigerant systems for indirect battery cooling
  • Closing of channels in electric motor housings