b&m-REPTO® E

Threaded insert for expansion embedding in plastics

The b&m-REPTO® E is a threaded insert for expansion embedding, with the function of connecting screws with plastic components in a reliable and reproducible manner. The outer contour is characterized by a knurl and a slotted embedding area, which are optimally designed for tensile loads.

The slotted application area also helps to achieve an anti-loosening lock. During the assembly, the threaded insert is spread by screwing in the screw so that the knurl penetrates the plastic and ensures that the threaded insert is firmly seated.

  • Diameter: M3 – M8
  • Length: 5.7mm – 12.7mm
  • Material: brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminum (also available lead-free)
  • Characteristics: simple and fast assembly
  • Torque absorption: knurl
  • Axial force absorption: circular grooves and knurls
  • Fast and simple assembly process
  • High reproducibility
  • High safety under tensile and torsional load
  • Unreinforced thermoplastics
  • Highly reinforced thermoplastics (up to 30% glass fiber content)
  • Unreinforced thermosets