b&m-REPTO® M

Threaded insert for overmolding with different outer contours in plastics

The b&m-REPTO® M is a threaded insert for overmolding with the function of connecting screws with plastic components in a reliable and reproducible manner.

Plastic flows around it in a form-fit already during the production of the component. With this method the outer contour can be given any desired undercut and anti-rotation elements, where the design focus is on the future load. With this optimized surface contour, which creates a form-fit with the plastic in injection molding, large force transmissions can be achieved.

  • Diameter: M3 – M8
  • Length: 6.9mm – 12.7mm
  • Material: brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminum (also available lead-free)
  • Special characteristics: customer-specific undercuts and contours
  • Torque absorption: hexagon and knurl
  • Axial force absorption: circular grooves and knurls
  • Installation by overmolding allows undercuts to be filled in a form-fit and forces to be transmitted optimally
  • High reproducibility
  • Minor acquisitions necessary
  • In case of special demands, the geometry can be adapted to customer requirements without limitation
  • Universal application for a large variety of materials
  • Unreinforced thermoplastics
  • Highly reinforced thermoplastics (up to 50% glass fiber content)
  • Unreinforced and reinforced thermosets