b&m-REPTO® U

Threaded insert for ultrasonic embedding into plastics

The b&m-REPTO® U is a threaded insert for ultrasonic embedding with the function of connecting screws with plastic components in a reliable and reproducible manner.

The outer contour is characterized by knurls and grooves, optimally designed for tensile and torque loads, making them suitable for embedding via ultrasound. During assembly, the surface of the plastic is melted through the generated friction and the axial pressure, thus adapting itself to the outer contour.

  • Diameter: M3 – M8
  • Length: 5.7mm – 12.7mm
  • Material: brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminum (also available lead-free)
  • Special characteristics: simple process
  • Torque absorption: knurl
  • Axial force absorption: circular grooves and knurls
  • Fast process
  • Reduced inherent stresses in the tube
  • Surface contour adaptable to customer requirements
  • High reproducibility
  • Unreinforced thermoplastics
  • Highly reinforced thermoplastics (up to 30% glass fiber content)