b&m-RINU® Hex

Blind rivet nut for the application of a thread in thin-walled components

The b&m-RINU® Hex technology makes it possible for thin-walled components to be connected to each other and to apply a full thread regardless of the support material of the application.

Compared to cylindrical blind rivet nuts, the b&m-RINU® Hex with its hexagonal shank provides a form fit in the hexagonal hole provided. After assembly, a higher-quality metric thread is available, which can be used for the assembly of further components. It is available in various materials, as well as with different head forms and shank geometries, and can therefore be adapted precisely to the required application. Due to the high requirements and the increasingly lighter design, the blind rivet nut has been able to establish itself in the industrial and automotive sectors.

  • Diameter: M3 - M12
  • Clamping range: 0.5mm - 6.5mm (depending on the blind rivet nut)
  • Materials: steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Head forms: flat head, reduced head, countersunk head as well as customer-specific unique solutions can be produced
  • Shank geometry: hexagon
  • Shank types: open, closed or sealing
  • Simple and cost-effective assembly as well as automation capability
  • Ideal for different material pairings
  • No risk of surface damage or heat distortion
  • High torque absorption possible
  • Creates a high-quality thread in thin-walled components
  • Option to attach further removable components
  • Thin-walled applications
  • Applications with only one-sided access
  • Application-specific fitting of the thread in coated components without destroying the coating
  • Seat structure / compression limiter
  • Cooler