Repair nut for dirty and damaged threads

Being a repair nut, the b&m-TRIMNUT® is designed to make dirty and damaged threads usable again. The functional principle comes into effect when screwing on and off. By using local forming, the repair nut eliminates not only impact points. It also removes coating residues and weld spatter as well as rust and heavy dirt.

At the same time, the b&m-TRIMNUT® is also capable of forming a thread in conjunction with a corresponding bolt geometry. In these cases, the nut acts as a tool and fastener in one.

  • Diameter: M5 – M22
  • Height: similar to DIN 1661
  • Property class: similar to 10 according to DIN EN ISO 898-2
  • Flank angle: 60°
  • Thread pitch: metric according to DIN 13 / fine thread or inch thread possible
  • Flange: geometry according to DIN 1661 / customer-specific solutions possible
  • Coating: according to specification (integrated or additionally applied lubricant depending on application)
  • Removes rust, weld spatter, coating residues and heavy dirt
  • Compensates for imperfections by local reshaping of the damaged threads
  • Easy application of bolt threads using thread-forming
  • The special thread form achieves a high self-locking effect
  • No “seizure” of the nut during assembly of damaged threads
  • Repeated screw fittings possible
  • Mounting onto KTL coated and hot dig galvanized threaded bolts
  • Repair solution for damaged bolt threads
  • Applying external threads using thread-forming
  • Battery holder: b&m-TRIMNUT® restores damaged threads.
  • Seat frame: b&m-TRIMNUT® connects centered components with “bare” bolts.