Metric screw with additional function for removing coating residues in the thread

Designed to remove coating residues from nut threads, the b&m-TRIMSCREW® offers an excellent alternative to screws with a scrape point. It has three recesses which remove the residues in the thread and thus prevent malfunctions during the screw-in process. In addition, the dog-point geometry supports hole locating during assembly.

  • Diameter: M4 – M14
  • Length: depending on diameter / 6 mm – 70 mm
  • Property class: F10 according to b&m-Standard WN 04/14 or according to DIN specification
  • Flank angle: 60°
  • Thread pitch: metric according to DIN 13
  • Head geometry: customer-specific solutions can be produced
  • Coating: according to specification (integrated or additionally applied lubricant depending on application)
  • Additional function: thread end similar to DIN EN ISO 4753 „Form SD“ (short dog point); three recesses (distance 120°) in the area of the first four threads
  • Malfunctions when screwing into clogged nut threads are eliminated, so that recutting of the thread is not necessary
  • The integrated dog-point geometry improves the assembly performance
  • Particularly suitable for components with internal threads that have undergone cathodic dip coating (KTL)
  • Circular thread cross section and fully pronounced thread flanks offer maximum flank coverage and through this a high overtorque
  • Suitable for nut threads according to DIN 13, coated with KTL